This is a common question parents ask. Our candidates have been screen and selected with your needs in mind. We ensure that the documents they supply are valid and relevant to their skills, we offer criminal checks on all our new candidates which offer you further peace of mind.

Our candidates have experience in newborn baby care, twin care, child care and cooking as well as CPR and nanny training.

Candidates are either live in or live out, work in temporary or permanent roles.
We have had experience in interviewing candidates as well as reference checking which does give us the upper hand at choosing quality candidates.

Having to deal with the placement process yourself is a long and tedious process, and will often have your phone ringing at all hours of the morning and evening, often at inconvenient times, there are many candidates in need of work.

Often a friend will refer a nanny who may be great for your friend but each family has a different dynamic and often this type of arrangement does not work out leaving parents stressed and despondent about the process.


Is there a perfect nanny out there?

There is no perfect nanny but there is the right nanny for the right family, it is important to follow the correct process in order to find just the right fit for yourselves and the nanny to ensure a long and happy relationship.

We take pride in our screening process and building relationships with our clients and nannies so that we can understand their needs.  We prefer to discuss our client’s requirements telephonically at the beginning of the process which enables us to understand in more detail what they are looking for in a nanny.

Some of candidates approach us directly for work through social media, other candidates have been placed by us before, often their employers who are relocating and would like us to find new families for them to work for.   Candidates come to us through a range of sources and are all carefully screened before we consider placing them.  Our minimum requirements are that the nannies have at least 2 years experiencing working in a home caring for young children/babies as well as valid documentation all verified before putting them forward for work.  We verify passports, permits, certificates, only moving forward when we have seen the original document. Our screening process involves us contacting the previous employers ourselves to validate her previous employment and get an idea of the kind of employee she was.  Though the larger percentage of candidates have had formal nanny training, there may be a few of the older nannies who have had  ‘on the job’ training by employers who were home and we always suggest sending them on a First Aid course before they begin work for further peace of mind for parents.